Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Does President Obama's Hands Say?

Often with leaders it is not what they say, but rather, what their body language says that tells the real story.

I find that President Obama's hands are very revealing. Go back and look at his last State of the Union address and you will find the following:

1. When he is expressing an idea that is an ideal but doesn't have a concrete plan behind it, he uses open palms while he talks.
2. When he has firm plans that are in place he touches his thumb and pointer finger together making a small circle.
3. When he has plans but they have not come together completely he puts his thumb half way down his pointer finger making a smaller or flattened circle.
4. When we wants an idea accepted but he is getting massive push back, he laces his fingers together and pounds them up and down to make his point.

So watch his hands in further speeches to see how ideal or how concrete his path and thoughts are!

More on body language by Anne Warfield

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