Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tweet, Twitter and The Next Evolution

So what is Twitter exactly?

Twitter is really a way to global text. It is a way for people to stay in touch with what you are doing so they can connect with you if they want. It is bringing the social network a little closer.

There is a progression you should be seeing here of people wanting to zero in on what is most relevant to them in the way that is easiest for them.

It started with Google and Yahoo. They were great ways to search for information in a static form that you could use as you needed it, when you needed it.

Then Facebook and LinkedIn popped up. They were a way to connect with others by sharing some information about yourself and then linking up either personally or professionally. Interestingly enough Facebook started as a use for college students and has become overrun by professionals. I wonder what will pop up as the new Facebook for students as who really wants to be on the same site as Mom and Dad?

Then came YouTube- a way to visually post your thoughts, feelings, insights or learning for others. In just 6 months YouTube has posted more video then 60 years of all three original TV stations combined! Everything from "how to" to "isn't this interesting?" has popped up here.

Now it it Twitter. Twitter makes people feel connected with an entire network of like-minded individuals easily.

It is interesting to note the use of Google has dropped by 30% as people are moving to using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube more.

But here is the Outcome Thinking lesson for you: What are you doing today to reinvent how people access you or your information? The world is changing at a rapid pace and you need to grab hold before you spin out of control.

Anne Warfield
Sales and Marketing Approach